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Ivory Plastic Plates

Ivory Plastic Plates

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So you're looking for something that has all the elegance of fine dining without any of the risk, huh? Then Ivory Plastic Plates are just what you need. Leave that fragile china in the cabinet and take out this pretty plastic plate instead. 

Ivory Plastic Plates are sturdy, durable and stylish. Don’t mistake their pale color for paper plates, these plastic plates are sure to contain even the creamiest of sauces and heaviest of burgers. Ivory Plates match any color and any event! Whether it's for a backyard wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, or even a barbecue outside, these ivory plates are subtle enough to let your guests focus on partying but elegant enough to make an impression. Best part? Just throw them out when you're done! Instead of washing your china for what feels like days, you'll take seconds to clean up. 

Ivory Plastic Plates are available in two sizes; small round 7 inch and medium round 9 inch and are sold in sets of 20.

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