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Ivory Plastic Cups

Ivory Plastic Cups

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If you want to add some elegance into your partying ways, then this ivory plastic cup is for you. They feature the same beauty as fine tableware without having to wash anything after! Because whoever says they actually like washing dishes never got a hand on one of our disposable plastic cups.

The ivory is great for those backyard weddings and anniversary parties. The patterned rigid exterior will help you keep that grip, even when it's super cold or super wet. Don't go without some ivory cups to bring class, elegance, and beauty back into those simple backyard parties. This tableware will impress all of your guests! 

Ivory Plastic Cups are shipped 20 to a pack and can hold 12 ounces of liquid. These cups are slightly smaller than your average plastic cup to bring a little unique edge to your party going. 

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