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Clear Plastic Knives

Clear Plastic Knives

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Imagine trying to eat something without a knife. Yeah, you can’t get through pasta or cake but you'll never get through that yummy chicken or steak you’ve been eyeing for the past few hours. And not being able to eat when you're super hungry and there is food right in front of you is basically a form of torture. But with these Clear Plastic Knives, that torture is no longer valid! 

A clear and simple solution for your tableware needs, Clear Plastic Knives are a necessity for any party. Great for barbecues, birthdays, holidays and any other catered events, these knives are essential. Strong, durable and most importantly, disposable. So it will be an easy clean up after a crazy party. So don’t let your guests go without that knife they desperately need for the steak you’ve been grilling! That’s just blasphemy!

Clear Plastic Knives are sold in packs of 20.

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