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Black Plastic Cups

Black Plastic Cups

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Black Plastic Cups are sleek, stylish and cool. If you’re going to have your guests carrying around cups all night long you might as well pick a color that will naturally match with any outfit or party theme. I mean, honestly, who doesn't come to a party wearing black?

Black plastic cups are strong, durable and sized just right to give you enough time to finish your drink before it gets too warm. All the cups have a rigid exterior to make sure you can get a comfortable grip and not have to worry about your cup slipping out of your hand. Black Plastic Cups match up well with any of our other black disposable tableware or any other colored theme. From Halloween parties, to New Year's Eve bashes, to everyday life, these black cups are sure keep your party or kitchen clean! 

Black Plastic Cups are a medium 12 ounce size and come in packs of 20. 

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