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Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail Napkins

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Sometimes safety precautions are very necessary. If you’re clumsy (like me) and always dropping things, running into things, or otherwise making an embarrassment of yourself and a huge mess, JAM Paper’s Cocktail Napkins will save your life. Not only are they highly absorptive, but they are also super cute! So you can have your emergency stash of napkins AND upgrade your dinner table or event at the same time.

From a child’s birthday party to a summer barbecue, Cocktail Napkins are sure to accent any theme you might have in mind. With such a wide variety of designs to choose from, we’re positive that you’ll find the perfect one for your specific occasion. If you don’t have a particular occasion in mind, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect excuse to use these napkins, anyway—they’re just so resilient.

Cocktail Napkins measure 3 7/8 inches x 3 7/8 inches.

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