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Rainforest Portfolios

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Word game time! What's the first word that comes up when we say this word ... rainforest? (Jeopardy music initiate).

Did you think of rainforest animals, or bugs, frogs, or even the Rainforest Cafe? Well sorry, all of those are wrong. What you should be thinking about when we say the word "rainforest" is this rainforest portfolio! The natural look to it will remind you how elegant and beautiful a rainforest is - without having to experience that horrible weather. This rainforest portfolio features a secure wooden button and string closure. It will definitely remind you that the rainforest definitely doesn't come without trees (hence the word forest in the title). And the intricate design will remind you of the whimsical rain (hence the first part to that title).

If you are a fan of organizing your papers in a very natural looking way, these rainforest portfolios are for you. You'll feel just like you're in the Amazon Rainforest. Now whenever you think of rainforest what's the first thing you'll think of. We know it's not bugs, frogs or the Rainforest Cafe. 

Rainforest Portfolios are available in Forest Green, Burgundy, & Black.

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