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Custom Buckle Portfolio examples

Custom Buckle Portfolio examples

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Buckle up and get ready for the portfolio of your life! These portfolios will completely match any style you’re going for. Want to know why? Well, they are customizable! Make your logo stand out as you carry around your labeled portfolio to Starbucks. For some reason at Starbucks, people love talking to other people – so you’re bound to get a question on your business and then BAM you got a customer.

The distinctive buckle closure will let you quickly open whatever you decide to put inside but will also keep whatever you decide to put inside safe on your journey to Starbucks (which is most likely a minute away). Since your custom portfolio will be unique to any other, there is absolutely no doubt you’ll stand out from the rest of those chumps who have just a regular portfolio. You’re welcome.

100 piece minimum!

Quick turnaround in our USA factory. Or for large quantities, we can make these portfolios in China!

To inquire about a Custom Buckle Portfolio, click "Build a Custom Portfolio" located at the very bottom of the page.

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