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Striped Business Card Cases

Striped Business Card Cases

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You don't have to worry about earning your stripes with these striped business card cases! Your boss will take one look at the case and promote you on the spot. So all that hard work and dedication you had for a decade might not get that attention you’ve always wanted, but this case sure will! The bright colors are enough to stop anyone, even that CEO you used to just smile at. Now he wants to know all about you.

These card cases won’t just impress your bosses, it will also impress your potential clients. Have some fun promoting your business. Instead of choosing those boring neutral colors, spice things up with our Striped Business Card Cases! These colorful cases hold approximately 20 standard size business cards and are available in Blue, Green and Yellow with multi-colored stripes! 

Ask about customizing your Striped Business Card Cases with your logo or colors (minimum is 100 pieces). 

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