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Snap Business Card Cases

Snap Business Card Cases

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With our Snap Business Card Cases, everything is as easy as a snap. Becoming successful? Easy. Being liked? Easier. Looking good? Easiest. It's basically that genie in a bottle you've always wanted. These card cases will make all of your wishes come true, especially if you use them to promote your business. Take them to the next big convention and hand them out as you go. They'll take one look at the case and want more information! It's that simple.

The big snap closure will make it easy for you to start that potential client conversation. Instead of worrying about where in the world your business cards are, this card case will be at the tip of your hands with no time wasted. Easy!

The Sliding Business Card Cases feature a convenient sliding drawer that raises up when opened, so your business cards can be taken out of the case easier! 

Each Snap Business Card Case holds approximately 20 standard size business cards and is available in Clear color.

Ask about customizing with your logo or colors (minimum is 100 pieces). Click "Build a Custom Portfolio" at the bottom of the page for more details! 

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