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Paper & Cardstock > Airmail Onion Skin Paper Pads

Airmail Onion Skin Paper Pads

Airmail Onion Skin Paper Pads

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What exactly is Airmail Onion Skin Paper? This paper is very light weight, and is referred to as onion skin because it resembles the peeling skins of an onion. And they are called airmail paper because they used to be used as stationery for airmail (a system of transporting mail by aircraft). 

These onion skin pads are generally used for tracing your paintings or drawings. They can also be used in books that need very light and thin paper (such as bibles and dictionaries). You can even use these onion skin paper pads, since it is semi translucent, for a nice touch to your wedding invitations. The possibilities with airmail paper pads are endless. 

Airmail Paper 6x9 pads have 22 sheets per pad.
Airmail Paper 8x10 pads have 16 sheets per pad.

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