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Paper & Cardstock > 12 x 18 Foam Board

12 x 18 Foam Board

12 x 18 Foam Board

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Presenting is probably one of the scariest things you have to do. It doesn't get any better when you get older either, the more experience you get doesn't matter. JAM found a solution for you though, so don't fret! Our foam boards are great for presentations.

These presentation foam boards will make your feet sweat less, your hands shake less, your voice become clear, and if you are a person that blushes, well sorry that's still a side effect. Our foam boards come with a newfound confidence when you step up to present. The colors are very bright so that eyes are attached to the board instead of you, giving you that confidence and less awkward eye contact. Your audience will be foaming at the mouth as they watch you come up to present (in a good way) on your foam board. The foam material is smooth to the touch and will compliment anything you decide to put on the foam board. This causes your hands to shake less because you won’t be afraid of things falling off your board anymore! Presenting problems solved!

Don’t go without this foam board when you’re presenting. Because going without means no promotion or “A”. (And JAM is not a cynical business.)

Foam boards are available in White, Blue, Black, & Yellow. Great for home, school or the office.

Foam Boards are sold individually.

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