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Custom Suede Journals

Custom Suede Journals

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But don't you step on my blue suede [notebook]. You can do anything but lay off of my Blue suede [notebook]. – JAM’s version of Elvis’ classic “Blue Suede Shoes”

But really, if someone steps on your suede notebook (whatever color you want since they ARE customizable), give them a little pelvic thrust and they’ll be on their way. We’re not sure if Elvis’ shoes were real suede, but ours isn’t even though it looks and feels exactly like the real fabric! This notebook is perfect to carry around and show off just like Elvis did in any and every performance. It will get all the girls screaming too! They'll be screaming "where did you get this notebook?!" instead of "I love you!" though. 

If you’re striving to be the next Elvis Presley, well don’t. He’s the king. But if you’re striving to be on the Elvis Presley to Napoleon Dynamite cool scale, you’ll definitely be closer to Elvis. Even thought they did have similar dance moves…   

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