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Custom Notebooks & Plastics with Logos

Custom Notebooks & Plastics with Logos

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We custom made these notebook, business card cases, and lunch boxes for the Art Institute of Chicago. Let us customize plastics with matching notebooks for you to your own specifications!

We know how important advertising your business is, and here at JAM we enjoy every minute of helping other businesses rise to the top. Place your logo, slogan, or some of your cool designs on our plastics and enjoy sharing it with others just like we enjoy sharing our products with you! Promoting your business will make you feel more confident in what you're doing and this is the perfect solution to gain that confidence. Confidence is the key to success right?

Have you been having a vision for a while on how you'd want your notebook to look? Definitely come to us and we can see what we can do! 

Minimum is 100 pieces.

To inquire about a custom product, please fill out our quote request form found on the top of this page.

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