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Custom Laced Leather Spine Notebooks

Custom Laced Leather Spine Notebooks

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Remember when your mom used to tie your shoes for you? And then she told you at one point to do it yourself and it was the end of your great childhood? Well you don't have to worry about being sad anymore. These laced leather notebooks are already laced up and will stay that way forever! 

If you are looking for something different, definitely check these lace spine notebooks out! These notebooks are perfect for the people looking for a more traditional and less industrial feel. No wires or spirals here! Write down those childhood memories of when your mom did absolutely everything for you in these notebooks. Like when she cooked for you and paid your bills and tied your sneakers and told you that you look great in that outfit even though you knew she was lying… Ah, the good times.  

The books in the picture are 6 x 6 with 100 sheets / 200 pages. Size, thickness, and page color can be customized.

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