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Custom Gum Notebooks

Custom Gum Notebooks

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Warning: DO NOT chew this gum notebook. Unless you are very hungry.

Okay horrible joke from the JAM team, but the reason our gum notebooks are called gum notebooks isn't because they're edible or sticky or can pop any kind of bubble. But we do have to admit the covers are super flexible and have a smooth feel to them! Write down your favorite candies in the notebook. You won’t even have to write down Bazooka (we all like this gum because of their awesome comics not the actual totally “long lasting” taste). Hand these custom notebooks out to your friends and family that need to quit chewing like a cow. We all have someone we know that does that! Stop the trend now with these gum notebooks! Please.

GUM MATERIAL IS NOW ONLY AVAILABLE IN RED. (But red is the best flavor anyway…)

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