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Dry Erase Foam Boards

Dry Erase Foam Boards

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Ever have trouble keeping all your tasks in order or organizing your day? Ever wish you had an easy way to leave a note or reminder to everyone in your office so they'll always stay on top of it? We've got the perfect solution! With our unique Dry Erase Foam Boards, staying on top of your daily tasks is as easy as using a marker!

These dry erase boards are magnetized and can easily be attached to any metal surface such as a refrigerator or desk. Maybe you want to create a to-do list for yourself on the white foam for the day, maybe you want to organize a task list for your team to help keep everyone on track, or maybe you just want to remind your coworkers to label their food or take out the trash! Or maybe you even just want a fun pad to doodle on. You can even use the board for multiple different ideas throughout the day. When you're finished, getting rid of whatever is written on it is as simple as using the eraser right on the marker caps. With our Dry Erase Foam Boards, the possibilities are endless.

Dry Erase Foam Boards are available in blue, black, and red.

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