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Ever have trouble managing time at work? Have a hard time hitting your deadlines because you lost track of time at home? Your worries are no more. With this stunning desk clock, time is in your hands. Perfect for your home and office. You'll be able to manage your daily tasks and manage your time better, all while adding a stylish new adornment to your table or desk. At home, sit it on your bedside table to help manage your mornings. This N battery-operated desktop clock will revolutionize the way you plan and execute your days.

Though inexpensive enough for you to feel no guilt in indulging, the beautiful clock features are top-tier. Proudly display this suave tabletop clock with a Quartz time display on your desk for you and everyone to see. Its black top and base, as well as black numerals and hour and minute hands are sleek and convey a look of professionalism. The leather frame material is shiny and smooth to the touch.  You won't want to look away, and you'll never lose track of time again. Get yours today!

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