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Clear Grid 2 Inch Binders

Clear Grid 2 Inch Binders

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At JAM, we are glad to give you an inch so you can take that extra mile! With our two inch binders, you are sure to get every document you need for that one class that's absolutely impossible or that one presentation you have been working on for over a year organized and ready to go. And more importantly, you'll see that A or promotion clearly. Our clear plastic will help you see that cover page from the outside and give you that quick confidence booster before the big test or presentation. 

Coming in four colors, the binders you use won't go unseen. And with that extra inch, you’ll be able to store more than you’ve ever imagined! If you are in need of a binder that holds all you need, organizes fashionably, and gives you that upgrade these clear grid binders are perfect answer.

Clear Grid 2 Inch Binders are available in Clear, Green, Purple & Orange. Also available in 3/4, 1, 1.5, & 3 inches. Other styles too!

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