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Heavy Duty 1.5 Inch Binders

Heavy Duty 1.5 Inch Binders

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These binders should really be called Anti-Monster Truck Binders. They are so durable that a monster truck might try to run over it, but it would actually just blow up from all of the binder's force instead. This Heavy Duty binder’s strength doesn’t even compare to the puny monster truck tire it will defeat.

So those smaller accidents like spilling water on your binder or dropping it as you run to your next meeting would have scared you before, reasonably so of course. But those things will now be just a shrug off your shoulder – you’ll maybe even let out a little chuckle. And the best part is this indestructible binder looks good too! Our color choices are very vibrant, so your style won’t leave you either. It’s a win win!

Heavy Duty Poly 1.5 Inch Binders include 1 inside die-cut pocket to fit your business cards and CDs.

Available in Black, Green, Pink, Clear, Blue, Red, & Lime Green.

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