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Clear Grid 0.75 inch Binders

Clear Grid 0.75 inch Binders

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Are you in a bind? Your papers are a mess and you're about to walk into your final that is open notes and you know you're going to fail because all semester you just had a folder. We’ve all been there. And unfortunately it might be too late for this semester, but don’t walk into your next semester without this clear grid binder! It won’t even get you out of a bind, it will leave you clear of them!

Did you graduate with that horrible grade because you didn't get these clear grid binders to make you as organized and prepared for that open note final as you can be? That's okay! Get the binders for the real world! For when you are searching incessantly for that job and need to organize all of your specific resumes. And then once you finally get that job, use these binders to store all of your important documents and presentations in here.

The cool twill design, clear and awesome colors to choose from will leave your professor, your interviewer, and/or your boss (hopefully not the same person) impressed. Bring your organization to life with these binders! No more failing finals for you!

These Clear Grid 0.75 Binders are available in Blue, Clear, Green, Smoke, Red, Graphite Blue, Orange, & Jade Light Green. Also available in 1, 1.5, 2, & 3 inches.

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