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Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers

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Accuracy and precision, folks. With these Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers, you can achieve just that. Gone are the days of writing over-bolded, smudged text with fat tipped bloated markers. With their ultra fine point, these Sharpies can add color to the smallest corners of any canvas, notebook, pad and just about anything else.

The great thing about Sharpies is that they can be used on just about anything. Sneakers, walls, chairs, dishes, flower pots, lamp shades (I've seen it happen), clothes… you name it and a Sharpie can probably be used to add some color to it. And with these ultra fine points you can get as detailed as you’d like, just don’t mess up! They are permanent markers after all.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers are sold individually in 20 different colors. From pastel to dark, our colors are endless. Or get multi pack when you can't decide on just one! 

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