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Colored Folders with Pearl Shine

Colored Folders with Pearl Shine

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Whether you're going back to school (for what feels like the millionth year) or walking into your first job, folders are a necessity. And having the right folder for you will make all of those nervous butterflies disappear. These shiny folders will give you confidence to step into that class or cubicle and get ready to work. Your files and presentation materials will stay stafe and stylish. The fact that you'll be prepared before the day even begins will ease you into the work load you're about to face too! 

Having all of your work organized is one thing, but with these folders you'll gain style and class. The shiny, pearl finish will grab anyone’s attention and make you Mr. or Mrs. Popular in record time. So get one of these folders today and win the superlative "Most Liked" AND "Most Likely to Become President". 

Colored Folders with Pearl Shine are available in Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, & Opal.

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