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Yellow Tyvek® Envelopes - 10x13

Yellow Tyvek® Envelopes - 10x13

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Your future sure looks bright, especially with this yellow envelope! Whether you're sending an important document to your boss or that perfect present to your spouse, these envelopes will surely keep any content intact. So when they open what's inside, they will be happy to have you around, not upset that you didn't pull through (which, in turn, will make your future so much better). 

These Yellow Tyvek® Envelopes are water resistant, tear proof, and lightweight – so there’s no need to worry about anything being destroyed on the way. Combine that with the vibrant yellow color and you got yourself a package that screams confidence! 

Yellow Tyvek® Envelopes are 10 x 13 in size, so you'll be able to fit any kind of document without having to bend or shove it in. The self-adhesive closure is great for fast mailing. Just peel and seal, and you're ready to go. So brighten up that future of yours and pick yellow. 


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