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Yellow 6 x 6 Square Envelopes

Yellow 6 x 6 Square Envelopes

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Let’s play guess what cartoon character we are describing: Their glasses might make them look square but they are definitely as cute (and yellow) as could be. Give up? Minions of course! You know what else is square, cute and yellow? Just look up! You got it! Our 6 x 6 yellow envelopes! Want to know what you win?

You win the chance to take over the world with these envelopes! Yes, at JAM Paper & Envelope, we are super generous! You're welcome. Your future will be so bright with these envelopes that you'll become as successful as the man who started at a small paper company and now is the voice of Gru himself! (Also known as Steve Carell). Use this envelope to send all of your own minions new ideas to take over the world, or at least your business’ competitors!

Yellow 6 x 6 Square Envelopes are made from Translucent Vellum Paper! Very cheerful. And you can see your piece through the envelope!

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