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Light Yellow Envelopes

Light Yellow Envelopes

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Your party is coming up and you want the invitation to be just as cheerful as the event itself. Light Yellow Envelopes have a sunny disposition that can brighten up any piece of correspondence. The mellow pastel color of these envelopes is not as striking as a lemon yellow, providing a delicate and dainty look for invitations that are simply charming. Light Yellow Envelopes give springtime weddings a glow. So even if the day doesn't wind up being sunlit, your invitation will be.

You can decorate these envelopes with a complimentary shade like refreshing aqua or pretty lavender for a color combination that your recipients will love. Make your event a pretty occasion... starting with the envelope.

Light Yellow Envelopes are available in:
A2, A6, A7, #10, 9 x 12 Open End, 9 x 12 Booklet, 6 x 9 Open End, & 6 x 9 Booklet

• Note: A7 Envelopes are available by box 250 only.

8.5 x 11/8.5 x 14 Paper & Cardstock is also available in Light Yellow.

Light Yellow PMS Code: 607 U

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