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White 9 x 9 Square Envelopes

White 9 x 9 Square Envelopes

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You won't whine with these nine by nines! Having the perfect envelope takes some effort, but with this white one, you'll have no problem clicking 'add to cart'. White is the most popular envelope color. Combine that with our high quality paper and our unique square and large size, this white envelope will make all that whining go away. 

White 9 x 9 Square Envelopes are perfect for sending out bigger invitations, longer letters, larger photographs and more. A traditional white color is a simple solution for sending out mail since it coordinates with anything you decide to put inside! Write on these, label them or take creativity into your own hands with some clever decorating! 

These White Square Envelopes measure in at an even 9 x 9 inches and feature a rectangular gummed flap closure that will ensure your content's security. Available in White and White Vellum Translucent.

Want another size but love the white and love the square? Don't worry! Our collection of white square envelopes can be found under 'Other JAM'n Products You Might Like'! 

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