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White 7 x 7 Square Envelopes

White 7 x 7 Square Envelopes

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Instead of just one lucky number, you'll have two! Once your guests, clients, family and friends receive these White 7 x 7 Envelopes, they will feel like the luckiest people on earth. 

Simplicity at its finest, when you choose a 7 x 7 White Square Envelope you know exactly what you’ll be getting. Use these squares for photographs, letters, greeting cards, invitations and more. The best part of the white color is that it compliments any other color! So whether you're sending red Valentine's Day cards, green holiday blessings, or hot pink birthday invitations, the white will always be the perfect match. 

These White Square Envelopes measure at a perfect 7 x 7 size. Available in White and White Vellum Translucent. So whether you want the inside to be a surprise, or you want your recipients to get a little hint before they open it, is up to you! Both feature a straight flap and gum closure. 

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