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Silver & Grey 5 x 6 1/8 Envelopes

Silver & Grey 5 x 6 1/8 Envelopes

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Are you a movie person? Are you asking yourself what does that have to do with an envelope? Well, these Silver Film Foil Envelopes are the ‘reel’ deal! So cue the lights, sit back, and grab some popcorn as you proceed to see an amazing reaction from your recipients!

Silver 5 x 6 1/8 Envelopes are a unique and stylish gem for any movie buffs looking for a cool way to mail out letters, photographs or greeting cards. Host a film viewing at your place and be sure to mail out invites in these more than appropriate envelopes. They also fit perfect for anything photography related and are certain to make your work standout among others.

Silver Film Foil Envelopes measure in at 5 x 6 1/8 and feature a self adhesive peel and seal closure! This way your movie themed party invite will be sealed tight and stay safe on its travels! So get these Silver Film Foil Envelopes today!

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