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Red #1 Coin Envelopes

Red #1 Coin Envelopes

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These little envelopes might be small, but they sure pack a punch! They're the ultimate solution for holding small items. Whether you need to store coins, stamps, paperclips, or anything else--these little firecrackers got you covered! You can even put some little love letters in here or Valentine's Day cards to send to all of your kids' classmates (remember those days?).

The vibrant and passionate red will make sure that you're noticed, even if they are our smallest size envelope available. The gum closure will secure any of your tiny but valuable content and the square flap gives your gift or storage a modern edge. 

Red #1 Coin envelopes are sold in packs of 25, so you'll definitely have enough to go around the office or classroom!

If you want this unique size, but are in the market for a different color, take a visit over to our Coin Envelopes Page and find your style!

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