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Purple Tyvek® Envelopes

Purple Tyvek® Envelopes

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Do you know why Hawkeye uses these envelopes? Well, they're purple, so they match his awesome costume (great for advertising purposes). But the real reason is they are extremely durable. Once he tried to shoot one of his arrows into the envelope and it had a crazy boomerang effect, even almost shooting his arm off! He didn’t even have to design another weapon (since he always is making new ones). And since The Avengers is so popular now, why wouldn't you want to use this purple envelope? 

Tyvek® Envelopes are known for their lasting robustness just like Hawkeye himself. Water-resistant, tear-proof, and lightweight so all of those important documents, such as how to beat Crossfire in the next battle, will be protected. 

Purple Tyvek® Envelopes are available in size 10 x 13, allowing you to send large items that won’t fit inside a standard envelope. They also feature a self-adhesive closure. 

Use Tyvek® Envelopes and PROTECT WHAT'S INSIDE™.

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