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Purple Plastic Zip Closure Envelopes

Purple Plastic Zip Closure Envelopes

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Purple Plastic Protector is what these envelopes should really be called! All of your items will definitely be safe and sound in here. From pencils to important documents to jewelry, the plastic material will protect whatever you decide to zip up (not to mention the zip closure will stay secure through any endeavor). The plastic also protects against water and moisture, so when you're running to class on a rainy day, your items won't get drenched along with you. 

These purple plastic protectors also feature a one inch expansion. Store as many things as you can in here and your items will STILL have a lot of room to breathe. When it comes to protecting your school or work supplies, these purple protectors are your best bet. And we didn't even mention the awesome purple color. Spice up that pencil case of yours and make your walk into class all the more exciting! 

Purple Plastic Zip Envelopes are available in 2 sizes:

- #10 (5 x 10)

- Booklet (9 ½ x 12 ½)

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