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Purple 6 x 9 Envelopes

Purple 6 x 9 Envelopes

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Oprah Winfrey started off in the movie the "The Color Purple" and look at her now. Choose these purple colored envelopes to start off your own business and maybe eventually get to her level. Even though we're pretty sure she has her own island by now ... or should at least. We digress…

Orson Welles started off his career by whispering the simple word "Rosebud" in his first movie "Citizen Kane". His directing and acting career sky rocketed after that. Picking our Rosebud translucent envelope may convince even more businesses to work with you!

Basically what we're saying is using these envelopes will make your business spark into a million dollars. This is not guaranteed, but might as well try it with the plenty of purple we have for you to decide on. We totally agree on plagiarizing Orson and Oprah to get what you want. Just this once.

Purple 6 x 9 Envelopes available with and without clasp.

6 x 9 clasp - Violet, Ultra Grape

6 x 9 open end (no clasp) - Dark Purple, Light Purple

6 x 9 booklet - Primary Blue Purple Translucent, Lavender Translucent, Rosebud Translucent

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