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3 Pocket Booklet Envelopes - VELCRO® BrandClosure

3 Pocket Booklet Envelopes - VELCRO® BrandClosure

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Is that one pocket not enough for you? And that second pocket just isn’t cutting it either? Well now we have THREE, yes three, pockets for all of your organization needs.

Your organization problems won’t be considered a three-ring circus anymore. So don’t worry about all those lions, elephants, and clowns – they are sure to stay in place after you get one of these! Store all of your elephants (or biggest items) in the back pocket. The one inch expansion will make all of your elephants, even the biggest ones, fit perfectly. Your lions will definitely be comfortable and tamed in the second pocket and your clowns? Well, did you ever see all of them in that clown car? The third pocket will leave SO much room that you might have to open that VELCRO® Brand Closure every once in a while to check and see if they’re clowning around.

Having all of your things organized is probably one of the hardest tasks – but with this envelope, all of those worries will disappear. And with all of the colors to choose from, you’ll be even more popular than the Barnum & Bailey Circus!

3 Pocket Booklet Envelopes with VELCRO® Brand Closure are available in Clear, Blue, Teal, Purple, & Pink. All pockets have 1 inch expansion.

3 Pocket Envelope (1 on back, 2 on front):
- Pocket 1 (on back): 9 1/4 x 13
- Pocket 2 (on front): 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 
- Pocket 3 (on front): 5 x 9

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