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Envelopes - By Style > Plastic VELCRO® Closure Envelopes > 2 Pocket Open End Envelopes- VELCRO® BrandClosure

2 Pocket Open End Envelopes- VELCRO® BrandClosure

2 Pocket Open End Envelopes- VELCRO® BrandClosure

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Watch out! Everyone's going to want to pick pocket these folders from your briefcase! They’ll first notice the bright color you’ve chosen, but when they get their hands on it, they’ll be even more excited that they picked your briefcase instead of that old lady’s next to you (which really only had good Altoids inside).

They’ll then open your envelope to find a lot of papers you’ve been trying to grade in the first pocket. They’ll love the 1 inch expansion because they’ll be able to put all of their stolen products in there without having more than one envelope to store them in! The first pocket fits a standard piece of paper. The second pocket, attached to the front, also has a 1 inch expansion but comes in a smaller size. So all of those report cards you also had in that envelope that they stole are in perfect storage. Even though it’s now stolen …

So in short, you really want to take care of this envelope! There are sure to be some thieves trying to get it.

2 Pocket Open End Envelopes with VELCRO® Brand Closure are available in Blue, Purple, Pink, Clear, & Teal. All pockets have 1 inch expansion.

2 Pocket Envelope (both on front):
- Main Pocket: 9 5/8 x 11 3/8
- Attached Pocket: 9 1/2 x 5 1/4

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