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Plastic Envelopes with Elastic Closure

Plastic Envelopes with Elastic Closure

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Make your office feel larger and more spacious by minimizing piles of papers. A plastic envelope has the capacity to store a large amount of files and keep them secure. You can take the first step towards achieving a goal by putting your paperwork in one convenient and tidy place. So you can focus more on your work, and less on searching for things. You’ll love how easy these make it to organize our plastic envelopes.

Keeping papers neat also gives you a more put-together and professional appearance. And if the practicality doesn't get you, the pretty colors will. Plastic Elastic Envelopes come in nine lovely colors to choose from. Look great carrying your presentation or portfolio.

Plastic envelopes with elastic closure have the largest expansion of any poly envelope! They're available with 2 inch expansion and 2 5/8 inch expansion for lots of accumulating papers.

Plastic Envelopes with Elastic Closure are available in:
9 ¾ x 13 x 2 5/8

Just change the size and color to change the picture.

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