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Envelopes - By Color > Pink Envelopes > Pink Envelopes - By Size > Pink Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

Pink Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

Pink Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

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Who can totally see Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde" bringing these to the courtroom? We can! We can also see all of you lawyers out there ready to make that hardcore, scary, full on black robed judge at least smirk at the pink envelope you decide to carry in ... with your Chihuahua of course.

Not a lawyer? We don't blame you. Wait, what? What we mean to say is ... not a lawyer but still want that special pink legal envelope? This is a perfect fit. You know those serious documents you CANNOT lose, and if you do you're going to see a lawyer? These pink envelopes will make the chance of losing them absolutely diminish. Basically these envelopes will keep you out of jail. (Along with your own intelligence, maybe.) Let all of your serious or fun or seriously fun documents settle into a world of pink. It'll make them happy.

Pink Legal Poly Plastic Envelopes measure 9 3/4 x 14 1/2 (9.75 x 14.5). Available with Button String & Snap Closure. Booklet & Open End.

Legal Booklet: Pink Button String, Fuchsia Snap

Legal Open End: Pink Button String

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