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Orange 6 x 9 Envelopes

Orange 6 x 9 Envelopes

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Is basketball your favorite sport? Well, the rim won't even be touched if you choose one of these basketball colored envelopes. And we're not talking about an air ball, we're talking about a SWISH!

This envelope can bounce from location to location, shoot your company to the top, and box out all of your competition! All you need is an alley oop from us and you're sure to win against Michael Jordan himself. Come on, would Michael own one of these awesome envelopes? Probably not, he's too worried about his shoes.

Practice makes perfect, so try out all of our orange shades to achieve the perfect fadeaway shot. Your business competitors won't even know what passed 'em!

Orange 6 x 9 Envelopes are available in 2 styles, with and without clasp.

6 x 9 Clasp - Orange Recycled Brite Hue

6 x 9 Open End (no clasp) - Brite Hue Recycled Orange, Mandarin Orange, Dark Orange.

6 x 9 Booklet - Dark Orange

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