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Orange 6 1/16 x 6 3/16 Envelopes

Orange 6 1/16 x 6 3/16 Envelopes

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Nemo would've been so much easier to find with this envelope in Dori's little fins! Her short term memory problem only needed this orange envelope to remind her of what color Marlin's son was. She also could've stored the address 42 Wallaby Way Sydney in here and stopped freaking the audience out on whether or not she was going to remember! Admit it, that frustrated you as well as JAM Paper & Envelope.

This plastic cellophane envelope would've been totally fine underwater, and that infamous address would've easily been read without taking anything out of it! So if Dori and Marlin were running (we mean swimming) away from another one of those scary fish, it wouldn't have taken as long AND Marlin wouldn't have had yet another near death experience.

Since those scuba divers didn't help Marlin out whatsoever, we'll help you guys as compensation! Use this cello envelope to remember where you stored all of those addresses that you can't seem to remember and all those fish that you're studying up on (since we know all of you are marine biologists...)

Orange 6 1/16 x 6 3/16 Cellophane Envelopes have a self adhesive closure so there's no need to lick.

US Postal approved for easy mailing!

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