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Orange 10 x 13 Envelopes

Orange 10 x 13 Envelopes

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Timon thought Simba was blue, Pumba thought he was brownish gold, JAM Paper & Envelope says he's definitely orange. The Lion King himself is orange so why wouldn't you want an orange envelope to match his prestige?

These orange envelopes can hold the best Disney movie ever, VCR or DVD or BluRay. Ideas for a Lion King 3? Don't put them in here... please. One was enough. But these envelopes definitely can hold all of the lyrics you are trying to get your children to learn, and we certainly agree with that idea. Every child NEEDS to know every Lion King lyric. Hakuna Matata is a wonderful phrase okay? These envelopes will give you no more worries for the rest of your days. It's our problem free philosophy.

And if by any chance you all do not agree that Simba is orange, these orange envelopes come in all kinds of shades for you! We don't want any company or family to start another color fight, it’s not as fun as we thought it would be.

Orange 10 x 13 Envelopes are available in 2 styles. Open End Clasp & Open End no clasp.

10 x 13 Clasp - Orange Brite Hue Recycled

10 x 13 Open End (no clasp) - Orange Brite Hue Recycled, Mandarin Orange, Dark Orange, Rust, Copper Stardream Metallic

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