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Envelopes - By Color > Orange Envelopes > Orange Envelopes - By Size > Orange #10 Business Plastic Envelopes -5 1/4 x 10

Orange #10 Business Plastic Envelopes -5 1/4 x 10

Orange #10 Business Plastic Envelopes -5 1/4 x 10

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Red, said, led, shred. Blue, knew, you, too (U2 ha, get it?). Green, mean, seen, teen. Orange...

Nothing rhymes with orange. It's such an outcast! JAM Paper & Envelope decided to make it feel better by giving the color many different products for our customers to choose from, including these business envelopes! These colors are so WOW that yellow doesn't even compare (maybe it does, but shh orange is still upset). So, for orange's sake: take that mellow yellow! Even purple has its own wrestling move: the purple nurple! It's drastically unfair for a great orange colored envelope like this to be so alone, so make sure you make it feel better by ordering the product! Loneliness can get to people, you know?

Use these envelopes to pack all of those index cards you need for your next rap battle or poetry reading or ideas for your business' new slogan. We're unsure how orange will take it, but it could work. Or just use this envelope to store some complaints to the makers of the word orange for not letting it rhyme with anything... This envelope will sure be happy to hold that for you!

Orange #10 Business Plastic Poly Envelopes measure 5 1/4 x 10 and are available in either a button & string, VELCRO® Brand, and Zip closures.

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