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Ivory 9 x 12 Envelopes

Ivory 9 x 12 Envelopes

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Have that dreaded maid of honor/best man speech coming up? You know that you have to say “raise your glass to the bride and groom” but that’s about it? These ivory envelopes will at least remind you of the sparkling champagne (or sparkling cider) you all will be having when you finally finish that unfinished speech.

Store your speech in here so you at least semi-look like you’re organized and prepared. The champagne-like color will remind you that the end is very near and make you feel better for that horrible joke you started off with that no one laughed at. Or the fact that you messed up the name of the groom you only met three years ago. Or the fact that you won’t remember what you said tomorrow. We all know how tough a speech can be, but these ivory envelopes will at least comfort you in knowing it will soon be over. These envelopes will also help you not lose that speech. Because losing the speech means adlibbing, which will most likely lead to failure.

Good luck!

Ivory 9x12 Envelopes are available Booklet and Open End.

Booklet: Strathmore Ivory Wove, Stathmore Natural White Wove, Ivory 24lb, & Spring Ochre Translucent Vellum

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