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Ivory 5 x 5 Square Envelopes

Ivory 5 x 5 Square Envelopes

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Let's face it, the only shapes that really matter are squares and triangles. Those shapes that end in -gon are so superficial. That's why we make these awesome envelopes! Because who needs a pentagon shaped envelope? They may have more sides, but they are totally less awesome.

Our ivory square envelopes feature a v-flap also known as a triangle flap, or a square flap also known as ... a ... square ... flap (awk.ward.). They won't leave a "one-up" kind of attitude to the people you send these to (because we all know we have that one friend who will try and give you that octagon shaped envelope just to four-up you ... get it?). These envelopes are simple and sweet and get to the point. Sometimes ivory is better than ultra violet, and sometimes square is better than icosagon.

Trivia: An icosagon has twenty sides. Did we just try to one-up you? Whoops.

Ivory 5 x 5 Square Envelopes are available with 2 different flaps. Ivory 5x5 envelope with V Flap and Ivory 5x5 envelope with square flap.

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