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Gold Tyvek® Envelopes

Gold Tyvek® Envelopes

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What's better than a gold envelope? A Tyvek® Gold Envelope, that's what! It doesn't just make your envelope shine bright and glitter into the night, but it's as strong as an ox. We're not even kidding! The only different is that this envelope is as lightweight as they come. Tear resistant and water proof, your material will be as secure as your bed is in your home, maybe even more. Because the self-adhesive closure will keep your documents even safer! All you have to do is peel, seal, and send it on its way. Never having to worry about a burglar grabbing the envelope and trying to destroy it! 

Gold Tyvek® Envelopes measure in at 10 x 13 inches, allowing your bigger documents to remain intact and unbent.

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