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Envelopes with Foil Lining

Envelopes with Foil Lining

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Open! Sesame! You’ll be just like Ali Baba in Arabian Nights once you open one of these envelopes. As the flap starts to open, that grand music will start and you'll be seeing treasure right before your eyes. Gold, Silver, Rubies, even Emeralds will be all around you. 

This envelope is basically the opposite of a mirage. You won't think it's real at first but once you look closer you'll be shocked to find that this shiny and elegant lining is totally legitimate! Those deserts can get you down, but once you find one of these envelopes in the midst of all that sand, you will definitely be saved! No canteen needed.

The best part is that these envelopes come in neutral colors, so once you say those two magic words (open sesame) you will be shocked to find what’s buried inside. And who doesn’t like great surprises like that?  

Envelopes with Foil Lining are available with Gold Lining, Red Lining, Silver Lining, and Green Lining. Other color linings may also be available depending on the size!

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