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Clear Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

Clear Legal Plastic Envelopes - 9.75x14.5

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Don’t we all LOVE jury duty? *Crickets* Well, at least we can spice it up a little bit with these legal envelopes! They are so clear, that the judge might decide so quickly, that you’ll basically just get a day off from work! Warning, if you’re stuck with Judge Judy, you’ll be there for at least an hour (because she probably keeps talking after the show too).

Bring these legal envelopes to court so that you have all those facts straight. You need to prove that they’re guilty, not that they’re innocent. And if you’re really adamant about this guy being innocent, while the rest are saying guilty (cough 12 Angry Men), you need all the evidence you have! These envelopes are perfect since you can see right through them and present your case in a timely manner. Especially if the guy on the other side of the table is innocent and waiting for his fate. You’ll walk into the jury room with this plastic envelope and all eyes and ears will be on you!  

Just remember, all Office fans out there, the Scranton Strangler is still on the loose!

Clear 9.75 x 14.5 Legal Plastic Booklet Envelopes are available in button & string, snap, Velcro, and zip closure; as well as tuck flap.

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