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Envelopes - By Color > Clear Envelopes > Clear Envelopes - By Size > Clear A9 Envelopes - 5 3/4 x 8 3/4

Clear A9 Envelopes - 5 3/4 x 8 3/4

Clear A9 Envelopes - 5 3/4 x 8 3/4

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“Water is for cowards. Water makes you weak. Water is for washing blood off that uniform and you don't get no blood on my uniform, boy you must be outside your mind! We are going to do up-downs, until Blue is no longer tired, and thirsty.” – Coach Boone

So Coach Boone isn’t really a fan of anything of a clear substance, so let’s not show him these envelopes okay? He's a little intimidating...

Instead, use these clear envelopes for any invitation that has absolutely nothing to do with the mighty, mighty Titans. Maybe use these for flyers for the next baseball, hockey, or volleyball game. Or maybe ask Coach Boone to use this for a flyer (if you have the guts to do so). Tell him not to worry! There will be an asterisk at the bottom of the flyer saying don’t think just because this was a clear envelope that you are getting any water at boot camp. He may smile and say, “you think this is fun?” This is when you reply with “zero fun sir.” Or use these envelopes if you’re a rival to the T.C. Williams football team. Instead of making fun of Boone with a banana, make fun of him with a clear envelope (that reminds him of water). But make sure you’re ready to get that envelope back once they win.

Side note: If you are the water boy, don’t even try to ask Boone to use these envelopes.

Clear A9 Envelopes measure 5.75 x 8.75. Fits a piece of paper folded in half. Available in Clear Translucent Vellum.

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