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Clear 9 x 9 Square Envelopes

Clear 9 x 9 Square Envelopes

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Everyone likes a good prank every now and again, and there are some that just never get old. Like invisible ink. When that ink splatters on your favorite shirt because your little cousin thinks it's funny, you can't help but laugh. And then scream when the ink actually appears.

To get your menacing cousin back, try using these clear envelopes. Stick these all over his bedroom. He’ll walk in and not notice at first. Then when he really looks, he’ll get so confused that he might even start crying from all of the insanity. If you don’t want to be that cruel (we don’t see why not), send a love letter from his “secret admirer” that he’s been talking about every time you see him. Wait is that more harsh? Okay, how about sending him a letter in the envelope with a truce contract? You won’t use the clear envelopes that now haunt his whole being if he doesn’t splatter invisible ink all over your white shirts anymore. If he doesn’t agree, then it’s war. Next, get his car.

So these may not be the best ways to use clear envelopes, but it sure is a creative way. At JAM, we don’t judge!

Clear 9x9 Square Envelopes are available in Clear Translucent Vellum.

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