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Clear 8 7/16 x 10 1/4 Envelopes

Clear 8 7/16 x 10 1/4 Envelopes

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Want to be the next Tyra Banks? Kate Moss? Heidi Klum? Of course, they cannot be matched. But with this clear envelope, they can be surpassed. It is perfect for sending out your 8x10 headshot you are sending to the millionth model agency of the day. The agency will love that they can easily see your photo without having to waste any time. Because time is money for them, and an ability to quickly see beautiful (whatever they define as beautiful) faces makes them even more money. Modeling can be an art, but getting there is a business.

Are you not 6’1” and 120 pounds? No worries, this clear envelope is also great for that family portrait you’re sending to the whole family. We all want to be on the grandparents’ mantle front and center to show evidence that we’re the favorite. It will be pretty “clear” once they decide to put out your 8x10 photo you took time out to take. With family, it doesn’t matter if you’re a supermodel or not. To them, you’re beautiful. This clear envelope will make you look even more beautiful, if that’s possible. (We’re trying really hard for you to buy this, if you didn’t realize). Just kidding, you’re beautiful.

Clear 8 7/16 x 10 1/4 Envelopes are completely clear with self adhesive closure!

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