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Clear 6 x 9 Envelopes

Clear 6 x 9 Envelopes

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“Good writing is clear thinking made visible.” –  from a fortune cookie a JAM team member once received.

Basically what the fortune is saying is that in order to be a good writer you need a clear envelope. At least, that’s what JAM thinks (we’re pretty savvy with fortune cookies). Actually, that might be a little too … little. What we really think it means is in order to be good at anything you need a clear envelope. Wait?! You just stumbled upon this envelope! And it’s CLEAR! And you’re obviously good at everything! Wow, we are good at this.

Use our translucent booklet envelope to send out all of those fortune cookies to your best friend who collects them. They will definitely make him/her feel better on those days where the book “The Secret” just isn’t enough. Unless one has a typo of course. Now that’s just frustrating. Once you receive these fortunes from that friend in the above translucent envelope, put them in our clear plastic poly envelope to ensure no damage! These fortunes are great advice givers, we wouldn’t want you to lose them!

Side note: Does anyone know who actually writes these things? Because they must have the clearest thinking out there!

Clear 6x9 Envelopes are available in two styles.

Clear 6x9 Booklet Envelopes are available in Clear Translucent Vellum.

Clear 6x9 Plastic Poly Envelopes are available with a Tuck Flap Closure.

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