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Clear 6 x 6 Square Envelopes

Clear 6 x 6 Square Envelopes

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Had a bad day in the office? Threw the football around when the big boss was looking? Don't worry, with this clear envelope, you're in the clear! Give it to your boss, and he will definitely forget about that horrible spiral you had!

These envelopes will make any of your bosses forget about how much you may be slacking off. They’ll fall in love with the gift! So much so, that you may have to become a regular customer at JAM (which we are totally fine with). These envelopes will also help with all of those strict rules you have around the house. Forgot to take the trash out (whether you’re the husband, wife or child)? Give this clear envelope to the one in charge and maybe put some apology letter in there (if the second part is really even needed).

Don't forget - if you are going to throw a football at work to a coworker - at least make it look good. If not, get ready to buy a lot of these envelopes!

Clear 6x6 Square Envelopes are available in Clear Translucent Vellum, Platinum Translucent Vellum, and See Through Foil with Zip Lock Closure

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